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What's your sign? What do you think of astrology and horoscopes?

Saw this one and just had to answer.

I'm a Gemini. A crazy, psychotic, fickle, indecisive Gemini.

I don't believe in daily horiscopes at all. It's like reading fortune cookies. Anyone could read any horiscope and say it applies to them. They're written to be vague so that they apply to almost anyone.

I do however believe that the astrological sign under which someone is born can have an impact on his or her personality. Here's the thing, we all know that the human body is mostly water. We also know that the gravitational force of the moon and other heavenly bodies affect the water on earth. So, it stands to reason that since humans are mostly water, they're affected by the gravitational forces that were acting upon earth at the time of their birth. Especially since birth is highly traumatic and traumatic experinces can effect a person for the rest of their lives.
I've had this theory for some time, and it just seems that it makes the most sense. I do want to reinforce the fact that I don't believe in horoscopes....which are total bs.
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. What have you done that is brave?

Listen here, I'm not one to demean the struggles of the civil rights movement, but I think Ms. Rosa Parks just didn't want to move. It wasn't an issue of race, it was an issue of laziness, she simply didn't want to have to get up and move all the way to the back of the bus when her stop was close and she would just have to walk all the way back up to the front within a few stops.

Conversly, her stubborn refusal to move helped give courage to a genartion of people struggling with racism and predjudice. In her position, I'm sure I would have quietly moved to the back of the bus and away from all the white scumbags who I'm sure would be staring with indignation.
It feels like I haven't written in here in forever. But really it's only been 3 weeks. I'm sure you all miss me...ha!

Anyway, Alex got a new job. He works for IBM, and it is so freakin' exciting! He can't stay over on work nights anymore because he has to be up so early, but I think he's much happier working for a big heartless corporation. Then again, today is only his second day, so we'll know for sure in a few weeks how it's really going.

I'm finally looking for a job, since mom has officially been given the ok by her physical therapist.

I guess thats all for now.

Sleep deprivation is fun and exciting!

I havfen't really been sleeping the last few days. Alex has been staying over a lot, and he always falls a sleep before I do. And usually, he's taking up the whole bed when he does fall asleep. Two days ago, I slept on the floor; and last night, I slept on the loveseat in my old room. Not very restfull nights. I didn't even go to bed until after 3 both days anyway. I really need to start getting some serious sleep!

I am so in love with my LJ

Now that I have two journals again, I seem to want to do noting but play on LJ. I used to live here, and I miss it! Seriously, I can't believe how much I used to be on this site and how little I've been here in the last two years. I miss my old friends, I miss everything about being a LiveJournal fanatic. I'm sad that I only have a handful of friends. Although I'm thrilled to be back in the community I created and I'm hoping to revitalize it.

On another note, I haven't written any stories in a long time. I'm wondering if I've lost my touch or just misplaced it. I wish I hadn't deleted all of my original work, but I may be able to find it on different websites... Anyway, I'm going to try writing again. Wish me luck.


What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagSirius Black and Draco Malfoy

How much do I love this!?

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